Our volunteer dentist makes miles of smiles.

Our volunteer dentist makes miles of smiles

When a homeless person first visits us their teeth are often so bad we have to grind up their meals. That’s why we offer free emergency dental treatment to the poor and homeless. Every Wednesday our volunteer dentist does fillings, extractions and even provides dentures. It means our guests can eat properly, which improves their nutrition and overall health. Demand is high. In fact our volunteer dentist now comes on Friday mornings too, but it’s worth it to see our guests new...

It left us in shock.

Sharing dentures

Recently two dignified old homeless gents quietly queued for a meal in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant. Curiously though, when they took their seats only one of them ate. The other patiently waited. As we watched this we wondered what was going on. Why wasn’t the other man eating? His meal was going cold. What happened next shocked us. When the first man finished his meal he had a drink of water to clean his mouth. Then he took out his...