A staggering number of homeless Australians suffer mental health conditions. Left untreated this compounds the effects of their poverty, which is why improving the mental health of our homeless guests is so important.

The Exodus Foundation has highly trained professionals who specialise in case management, including the treatment of mental health conditions suffered by so many of our guests.

Our counsellors are on-hand every day to listen and foster an environment of familiarity. This is important as it enables better treatment of the addictions and mental health conditions suffered by our guests, putting them on the road to recovery.

The collaborative, coordinated and integrated approach of our case workers aims to establish long-term care plans for each guest. This often also involves assistance with housing, access to further social services and peer-to-peer help, as well as skills training leading to employment.

All this happens thanks to your invaluable support and it puts our homeless guests on the road to a better future. A future of independence, free from the struggles of life on the streets.