The Battlers; the Exodus Band

The Battlers are the Exodus Foundation’s band, and an opportunity for our guests to express themselves creatively.

The Battlers music has had a profound effect on the wellbeing of both its members and its supporters. The band gives a sense of pride and enhanced social and communication skills to its members and an gives an opportunity for a safe entertaining environment for its supporters, through which to socialise and seek respite from a daily life that is less fortunate than most.

The Battlers wrote and recorded an eight song album titled ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place‘ in 2013. The songs themselves stand alone as a testament to the commitment, creativity and raw talent of the groups’ members.

The band perform regularly at functions such as the Community Citizenship and Arts Awards ceremony at Wests Ashfield Leagues Club and at Exodus Foundation/Ashfield council joint functions for Mental Health Day. 

Copies of Inbetween a rock and a hard place are available for purchase for 10 (+$5 postage & handling fees).  Please call our fundraising team for more details on (02) 8752 4666 or email