Donation Drives

Running a donation drive for The Exodus Foundation will help us feed Sydney’s homeless and needy. We encourage you to collect as many tins of food as you can, or alternatively, you may choose to run a fundraising drive of your own.

Supermarket and store gift cards are also needed as they are used to help supplement our daily food requirements.

Canned food items help us provide emergency food parcels to individuals and families in need, and is a great way to get friends and families participating in a valuable charitable activity.

We need!

      • Supermarket & store gift cards.
      • Tinned ham, chicken, spam and braised steak (ring-pull only).
      • Tinned tuna, salmon and sardines (ring-pull only).
      • Tinned soups/casseroles (ring-pull only).
      • Tinned spaghetti (ring-pull only).
      • Tinned baked beans (ring-pull only).
      • Cup-a-noodles.

Christmas giving

Click here to download our Christmas giving guide.

More information

For more information on how to run a donation drive and help support those in need, read our Donation Drive Guidelines.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call my team at The Exodus Foundation on (02) 8752 4692, or email