Gifts in Kind

Schools, community organisations, businesses and community-minded families across Sydney make a difference by collecting non-perishable tinned food items on behalf of the Exodus Foundation’s you CAN make a difference campaign.

Canned food items help us provide emergency food parcels to individuals and families in need, and is a great way to get friends and families participating in a valuable charitable activity.

We need!

      • Canned protein, e.g. ham, chicken
      • Canned fish e.g. tuna, salmon, sardines
      • Canned soups
      • Canned spaghetti
      • Canned baked beans
      • “Virtual Cans” i.e. supermarket gift cards are also accepted which are not given directly to clients, but used to buy the freshest food and produce as required on the day

For more information on how to run a can drive and help support those in need, read our Gift-in-Kind Guide and watch our Gift In Kind video below.