Sydney’s favourite Reverend, Bill Crews, will wash the feet of a group homeless and needy Sydney-siders today. It represents one of the most important Easter traditions and marks the beginning of the Easter long-weekend in Sydney.

According to Rev. Crews CEO and founder of The Exodus Foundation, it will happen just the way Jesus did it at Easter – only the feet Jesus washed were those of his disciples. “I think washing the feet of the homeless is one of the holiest things I can do at Easter. I reckon Jesus would approve!”, he quipped.

The event will happen at The Exodus Foundation’s famous Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant in Ashfield, where the homeless will sit in front of large bowls to have their feet gently washed by Rev. Crews.

Society shuns contact with the homeless, which is why washing their feet at Easter matters to Rev. Crews. “Doing something special for them at Easter is a wonderful way of showing they are not alone and that they really do matter”, he said.

When & where

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11:30am on Thursday, 29 March 2018
The Exodus Foundation, 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield