Access to healthcare is a big issue for our guests at The Exodus Foundation, as it was for George. Like so many homeless people he did not have a doctor and would only get treatment when he found himself in a hospital emergency ward.

George had been homeless for many years. He’d often eat in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant, but as time went by his health deteriorated. One day we found him dazed and incontinent. We were all really concerned.

His future didn’t look good, but my team in our new Health & Outreach Centre swung into action. There, we partner with health professionals to make sure our poor and homeless guests get the sort of care all Australians deserve. That’s exactly what we did for George with a coordinated approach to his treatment.

It’s changed George’s life! To see him today is to see a different man. Tall, smart and with his beard trimmed he looks like a diplomat! We’ve found George supported accommodation where he gets the daily help he needs and I visit him regularly.

Together you and I are doing wonderful things. We’re giving a better future to so many Australians who live in poverty, people just like George. I need your support though, so please give generously to my Exodus Foundation Easter appeal by clicking the Donate Now button.

God Bless and Happy Easter
Reve. Bill Crews