Please share your warm heart.

Please share your warmth this winter

I’m sure you’ve felt the cold nights. They are especially bitter for the homeless. Sadly, this winter there are more of them than ever. Thankfully they don’t need to be cold and alone. With your help we nourish them with hot meals and give them clothes and blankets to stay warm and well. Together we can all give hope, so please share your warmth. If you give today, we can feed and clothe the homeless tomorrow. ...

Winter warmers for rough sleepers.

Winter warmers for rough sleepers

Winter is especially bitter for rough sleepers. They are exposed to the elements – not just the cold, but the rain as well. That’s why we give the homeless blankets and sleeping bags. The warmth they bring helps make even the coldest night on the streets more bearable. Winter woollies and other items of clothing are essential too. The homeless wear layers to ward off the cold. Unfortunately, winter storms can ruin these blankets and jumpers, leaving rough sleepers with nothing to...

Dignity returned.

Dignity returned

Imagine not having access to a bathroom or a shower. For the homeless it’s both a reality of life and a daily challenge. Sadly, being unable to bathe also confronts their dignity. That’s why we’ve just upgraded our shower block at The Exodus Foundation. We’ve improved the facility which means even more rough sleepers can enjoy a hot shower on cold mornings. Our shower block is returning dignity to the homeless, and it happens because people like you support The Exodus Foundation. ...

Our guide to donating ​the right stuff.

Our guide to donating ​the right stuff

At The Exodus Foundation we encourage you to donate tins of food which we distribute to the needy. Supermarket gift cards are also welcome as they help us supplement our daily fresh food needs. However, we have a special duty of care to our guests, many of whom suffer chronic health conditions. So we are unable to accept certain donations. Items in green will be gratefully accepted. However, we cannot accept items marked in red. Supermarket & store gift cards.

Fixing the bad backs ​of rough sleepers.

Fixing the bad backs ​of rough sleepers

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you had to sleep on the ground with just a few pieces of cardboard for a mattress. That’s exactly what it’s like for rough sleepers, so it’s little wonder they have bad backs. That is why a chiropractor visits The Exodus Foundation to help. Twice a month our chiropractor is on site to ease the back pain of our homeless guests. It’s a service they would never otherwise be in a position to access, yet...

Together we can fix homelessness.

Together we can fix homelessness

Homelessness is getting worse. The number of homeless people in NSW has risen by 37%* in five years. This makes your ongoing support more important than ever. Together we can meet the challenge. Our suite of support services are an integral part of the solution to homelessness. When support services are combined with social housing, research has shown that up to 90% of homeless people remain off the streets†. “Homeless support services paired with social housing works”, said Rev. Bill Crews. “The...

Miracles of ​loving kindness .

Miracles of ​loving kindness

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference at my Exodus Foundation. A kind word or a comforting touch lets our homeless and needy guests know that they are not alone – that we are here to help. When I sit in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant during the lunch time meal service I often witness some of the most impressive acts of kindness. The other day I watched a frail, homeless guest shuffle in. I could see that...

The homeless don't need to be cold and alone.

My Winter Appeal

It’s seven o’clock on a chilly morning as I write this blog. The homeless are already queuing outside my Exodus Foundation, seeking refuge after another night on the streets. As winter sets in their plight will become even more desperate, but thanks to your support they don’t need to be cold and alone. Together we’re making their future better. We’ve got hot meals, healthcare and support services. In fact my amazing staff and volunteers often perform miracles – you can see...

Our volunteers make it happen

Our volunteers make it happen

Each year almost 800 people volunteer their time and expertise at The Exodus Foundation. They help serve meals to the homeless, they sort food parcels for needy families and they even give our guests the occasional hair cut! Without their wonderfully generous contribution we simply couldn’t help the thousands of Sydneysiders who rely on us day in and day out. To learn more about volunteering with us please click here ...