Statistics on homelessness in Australia.

Homelessness is getting worse. The number of homeless people in NSW has risen by 37%* in five years. This makes your ongoing support more important than ever. Together we can meet the challenge.

Our suite of support services are an integral part of the solution to homelessness. When support services are combined with social housing, research has shown that up to 90% of homeless people remain off the streets†.

“Homeless support services paired with social housing works”, said Rev. Bill Crews. “The statistics tell us that almost all tenancies for the homeless last when they are paired with these support services.”

Providing housing alone is not a solution. Many homeless people need support to remain in accommodation. Approximately 35% will require life-long support†.

The donations you make to The Exodus Foundation really do help fix homelessness – they enable us to give the homeless the support they need to stay off the streets.

* Australian Census 2016  † Council to Homeless Persons