Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference at my Exodus Foundation. A kind word or a comforting touch lets our homeless and needy guests know that they are not alone – that we are here to help.

When I sit in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant during the lunch time meal service I often witness some of the most impressive acts of kindness.

The other day I watched a frail, homeless guest shuffle in. I could see that he wasn’t a well man, in fact he was shaking like a leaf. Perhaps he was suffering Parkinson’s disease, but none-the-less he had a stoic dignity about him.

Slowly this old gent made his way to the counter where he collected a meal and sat down. That’s when things took an unexpected turn.

He stared at his meal for a while before his shaking hands finally tried to pick up the knife and fork. That was challenging enough, but then he began struggling with the food. His tremors were so bad that he was not able to lift it to his mouth. The frustration showed in the furrows on his face, but I think it would have defeated his pride to have asked for help.

Then something wonderful happened. One of our new volunteers saw it all and pulled up a chair beside him. She smiled warmly and offered to help. I watched as she cut the meal into small, bite-sized pieces and gently lifted each one to the old man’s mouth. It almost moved me to tears. There could hardly be a greater act of loving kindness.

These miracles happen often at my Exodus Foundation. Our kindhearted volunteers and dedicated staff genuinely care. We want to make the future better for each and every guest, and sometimes that starts with the smallest of kindnesses.

An increasing number of single mums come to us for help too. Usually they have escaped domestic violence. They queue in the cold with the other homeless people, patiently waiting for a hot meal.

The other day a young mum was with her little girl. Their situation was pretty desperate as they didn’t have a place in a refuge. Thanks to your support we were able to give them much more than the meal they came for. My social workers were able to get them accommodation and we gave them an emergency food parcel as well.

The kindness you show by supporting my Exodus Foundation shines in the hope we give our homeless and needy guests. Acts of loving kindness, big and small, make their future better.