Recently two dignified old homeless gents quietly queued for a meal in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant. Curiously though, when they took their seats only one of them ate. The other patiently waited.

As we watched this we wondered what was going on. Why wasn’t the other man eating? His meal was going cold. What happened next shocked us.

When the first man finished his meal he had a drink of water to clean his mouth. Then he took out his dentures and passed them to his mate who put them in and finally, was able to enjoy his meal. These two homeless Australians were sharing one set of dentures!

The fact that this can happen in Australia is astounding. Thankfully, my Exodus Foundation team was able to help. We took both men to our free dentist where they were given individual sets of dentures. Now, these old mates can eat their meals together.

Our dentists can see 11 people a day, providing $700,000 in volunteer labour a year. But keeping the clinic stocked with equipment and supplies is a challenge. This is where donors like you can make a real difference.

As Easter approaches I’m asking you to consider making a donation to support our important work with homeless Australians. There are more of them than ever and they rely on people like you and me to make their futures just a little bit better.

Your support can offer new life to someone less fortunate this Easter, so please give today by clicking the Donate Now button above.

God Bless and Happy Easter
Reve. Bill Crews