I need your urgent support

As Easter approaches I want to say “thank you” for the renewed hope you help my Exodus Foundation give every day.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we can provide a range of much needed services to help keep people off the streets and regain dignity in their lives – to make their future better.

In addition to daily meals in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant, your support means we can provide support services like social work, chaplaincy, counselling and emergency food parcels. As I’m sure you know, we also operate a free dental and medical clinic too.

George got a new life

Access to healthcare is a significant issue for our guests at The Exodus Foundation. In our new Health & Outreach Centre we partner with many different professionals to make sure our poor and homeless guests get the sort of care all Australians deserve, guests like George.

George had been homeless for many years and as time went by his health deteriorated. He’d often eat in our Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant, but one day we found him dazed and incontinent. His future didn’t look good. My team in the Health & Outreach Centre swung into action with a coordinated approach to George’s treatment.

To see George today is to see a different man. Tall, smart and with his beard trimmed he looks like a diplomat! We’ve found George supported accommodation where he gets the daily help he needs and I visit him regularly. Together you and I are achieving great things.

Jim got a better future too

Many lives are also changed at our dental clinic. Jim’s was one of them. He was homeless and missing a front tooth. Our volunteer dentists gave him a new tooth and on the very same day he got a job.

Incredibly, we discovered two other homeless guests in our free restaurant sharing one set of dentures! We gave each of them their own set and now they can finally eat together.

Our dentists can see 11 people a day, providing $700,000 in volunteer labour a year, but keeping the clinic stocked with equipment and supplies is a challenge. This is where donors like you can make a real difference.

You make it happen

As Easter approaches I’m asking you to consider making a donation to support our healthcare services and help provide life changing assistance to those in great need.

The face of homelessness is changing and the demand for our services is higher than ever. Many people today are just one pay packet away from disaster. To make an Easter donation, please click on the DONATE NOW button.

Let’s make a better community together. Your support can offer new life to someone less fortunate this Easter. Together we can start making their future better today.

Happy Easter and God Bless,
Rev. Bill Crews